Did you spend the winter thinking that your kitchen was a little dark? Colder temps, short days, and gloomy weather can certainly make the most popular space in our home feel dull at times.

As the seasons start to change outside, you may be feeling the urge to brighten things up inside—we do, too!

Whether you’re looking to go into full renovation mode, or would rather make just a few updates here and there, we explore the top four ways to brighten up your kitchen.

1. Get Lit

One way to brighten up your kitchen to is literally brighten it up—with light! Whether this means removing heavy drapes or maybe even a wall (yeah, we went there), or installing a new window or glass doors, taking advantage of the windows in your house will allow natural light to stream through and provide a nice view of the outdoors while in your kitchen.

If you’ve maximized all the natural sunlight possible, you can move on to playing around with artificial sources of light.

It’s important to understand where you spend your time in the kitchen (at the stove, meal prepping on the countertop, or sitting around an island, for example) and where dark corners may inhibit your actions.

Adding recessed lighting in the ceiling, lights above and under cabinets, overhead bulbs above cooking spaces, and hanging pendants can all work cohesively to provide elegant and ample lighting.

Want a quick tip? Check out the wattage of the light bulbs you are currently using, and consider bumping up to a higher one.

2. Grab a Paint Can

Or three of four. For kitchens that are situated in rooms with lower ceilings or not as much natural light, white cabinets can go a long way when it comes to adding brightness. Though darker stains can offer a warm, rich feel, they also can make an already-dark kitchen even darker.

Aside from just giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint, think about other areas in your kitchen where pops of color may add some vibrancy. Whether you decide to make your kitchen island a bright hue, add some fun fixtures, or choose to make furniture (like bar stools) and décor a specific accent color, throwing in some different shades will help add dimension and personality to your kitchen.

3. Swap Out Your Appliances

Have outdated or dingy appliances? That’s a sure way to make your kitchen feel dull. By upgrading your main pieces—think refrigerator, cooktop, oven, and microwave—you can add a refreshed, modern look to your kitchen.

Whether you prefer stainless steel (metallics reflect light, after all!) or want to kick things up a notch with built-in refrigerator doors that match or complement your cabinetry, swapping out old for new is a great way to revamp and brighten.

4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

You know those beautiful flowers popping up in landscaped lawns, markets, and even right outside your window? Put them in a vase and showcase them in all their glory throughout your kitchen.

There is very little that vibrant blooms can’t fix! Better Homes & Gardens gives us some tips on how to make pretty arrangements that last. You can also opt for living indoor plants for a more sustainable setup (succulents are still are the rage!).

Need help deciding which appliances to consider for your space? Come chat with the experts at Aitoro Appliance to learn about all the different brands, models, and options for your home.