We are proud to announce that we are a dealer for the Zip HydroTap.  Only Zip HydroTap transforms ordinary water into a form you will love. This essential and smart addition to any kitchen provides pure tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water, instantly. This Australian made innovation combines patented PowerPulse boiling, Direct DryChilling and ColdCore Carbonation with MicroPurity filtration technologies to remarkably transform tap water into a form you’ll instantly love. Now the world’s most advanced drinking water appliance is available in six designs and 12 contemporary colors, to effortlessly complement your home or workplace. Eliminate the need for water bottles in your fridge and a kettle on your stovetop—transform your kitchen into a clutter free and safe environment.

Visit our Fisher & Paykel showroom to experience the Zip HydroTap and the variety of options for your residence or commercial space.