One of the ways we educate builders, architects, designers, and consumers about Monogram Appliances is by hosting private cooking demonstrations in our Monogram Design Center. The culinary ambassador for the Monogram Brand is Chef Jay LeBlanc and here is his recipe for his Fried Oysters.

When conducting our cooking demonstrations, we source locally whenever possible and luckily we have an amazing oyster purveyor, Copps Island Oysters, based here in Norwalk, CT.  Eat these oysters on their own or use them as a filling for a sandwich.  Enjoy!



2 cups Maseca Amarillo

1/4 cup cornstarch

Salt & pepper

Shucked Oysters from Copps Island

1 cup mayonnaise

3 lemons

1 bunch of dill

4 Kosher Dill pickles

Oil to Fry


• Mix dry ingredients well in a large mixing bowl. (Maseca, cornstarch, salt and pepper)

• Fill your sauté pan 1/2 way up with canola oil. Medium to medium high heat.

• Dredge your oysters in the dry ingredients until they are completely coated. Shake off excess corn flour.

• Gently place your oysters in hot oil. Cook time is only about 1-2 minutes. Flip if necessary.

• Use a slotted or mesh spoon to remove oysters from oil.

• Place on a rack or a plate with paper towels to catch oil. Do not over crowd them or stack them or they will become soggy.


Quick Tartar Sauce:

• Mayonnaise into a mixing bowl.

• Chop some dill (save some whole dill for garnish) and dill pickles and add to the mayonnaise.

• Zest and juice 2 of your lemons into the mayonnaise. Use a strainer to catch seeds.

• Salt and pepper to taste.


Use whole dill sprigs to garnish your perfectly fried Copps Island oysters. Slice your last lemon and serve.