Fast, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, induction burners utilize less heat with even the smallest of kitchens keeping cool while cooking while surfaces remain safe to touch. It’s a stove that uses electromagnetic fields to cause the pan or pot on top to heat up, meanwhile, your appliance remains cool, thus making this method of cooking safer, faster, and more energy efficient.

While induction cooking technology has been around for decades and these stoves have long been common in commercial kitchens, they are now catching on like crazy in residences.

Here’s why and what you need to know about induction cooktop stoves:

  1. It’s fast
  2. It may be safer
  3. It’s accurate
  4. Less cleaning is involved
  5. Kitchen temperatures stay cooler

Interested in exploring induction cooktops? Come visit the Aitoro Appliance showroom to test live induction cooktops in the Gaggeneau, Monogram, Thermador kitchens. We have Bosch, Café, Kitchen Aid, Wolf, Viking, and Miele on display as well.