In a time when we feel isolated from one another, our hope is that we may soon be able to get back to families gathering around the grill.

What is synonymous with summer? Cookouts of course, and the trend of grilling has increased over the past few years. The Napoleon Group is offering some insight into barbecue trends for 2020.

Long gone are the days when a backyard barbecue consisted of tossing some burgers and dogs onto a flimsy grate over a rickety bucket powered by lump charcoal and lighter fluid. Backyard cooking today is much more sophisticated, with grills that offer more options than simply cooking over an open flame and with accessories that enable you to take your grill game to the next level.

Napoleon has reimagined its Prestige Pro series with functional storage cabinets, infrared burners, rotisserie capabilities, smoker tubes and cosmetic enhancements (think knobs that light up, proximity lighting) to make your barbecue more than just a place to flip burgers.

Even if you already own a gas grill, you can still enjoy the flavors that come with charcoal cooking by using a charcoal tray. Place it over top of your burners, fill with charcoal and let it heat up to get a new flavor experience.

Smoking has also increased in popularity for cooking big cuts of meat (think brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, and turkey) low and slow with a steady flow of smoke surrounding the meat results in a juicy, flavorful meal. The value of a smoker goes beyond meat. Side dishes like baked beans, mashed potatoes, soups, and even desserts are given a whole new flavor experience when smoked. Check out this recipe for Smoked Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. This easy, no churn, ice cream recipe may just make it to the top of your favorite dessert list!


When summer turns to fall and the days get cooler, backyard enthusiasts are investing in outdoor fireplaces or patio heaters to extend the use of their outdoor space. With the advent of more sophisticated backyard and landscape design, you can fire up the grill, and cook up all your favorites in the comfort of your home.