Steam ovens are a great choice for people looking to prepare quick and healthy meals and side dishes. Besides offering time saving benefits, today’s steam ovens are also a great alternative to microwave cooking. In this article we’ll talk about the benefits of cooking with steam and give you our tops brands to consider in 2020.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or replace a pre-existing oven, steam ovens are a great option. You can achieve nutritious and delicious results that are moist and tender on the inside, crisp and flaky on the outside, all with minimal effect.

While steam ovens have only recently gained popularity in residential kitchens, the concept has been around for centuries. Steam cooking dates back to ancient China. Steam cooking techniques were also used in Europe in the 18th century, with steam ovens found in bakeries, restaurants, and home kitchens. Increasing popularity of steam ovens in the US can be attributed to our shared desire to cook healthier. Many popular appliance brands now offer steam cooking appliances.

There are many reasons you may want to consider a steam oven, here are a few:

  1.   Healthier, more nutrient dense food – Cooking with high temperatures in a traditional oven can destroy heat sensitive nutrients, such as vitamin C and folate. Steam helps retain these valuable nutrients.
  2.   No need to use fatty oils – Since steam provides a naturally moist cooking environment, you won’t need to incorporate oils into your cooking, keeping calorie count lower.
  3.   Better reheating results than microwaves – Steam can reheat your leftovers evenly and without drying out your food and ruining the texture.
  4.   Save time on preheating and cooking – Since the oven cavity is smaller than a traditional oven, preheat time is much quicker. Also, as we mentioned, steam is a much better conductor of temperature than air and therefore cooks much faster. For example, a serving of Salmon that would typically take 20 minutes to cook in an oven at 400 only takes 5-8 minutes using steam.
  5.   There are two different ways to provide water to the steam oven, either with a refillable water reservoir, like a Keurig coffee machine, or a plumbed water line directly to the unit. If you are designing a new kitchen we highly recommend the plumbed option as this will help you avoid the hassle of having to refill the water tank.

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