As the weather gets warmer, hundreds of grills across the country start to heat up in anticipation of barbeques, outdoor parties, and grilling the family dinner. Having a beautifully designed outdoor kitchen or grill area can expand your entertaining, seamlessly blending the inside with the out.

So whether you imagine yourself sliding homemade pizzas from your own pizza oven or  hearing the sizzle of burgers on your gleaming new grill, making your home the ultimate outdoor destination is as easy as B, B, Q- with no walls to worry about, creating an outdoor kitchen or grill area is significantly easier and can be more cost effective than redesigning inside. Here are a few tips for making the most of your outdoor space.

  1. Start with the big stuff.We can help you decide which grill will function best for you- with options ranging from professional-grade to charcoal, electric to gas, Aitoro has a grill to suit every need. A grill will determine your outdoor space’s focal point and will provide the foundation for creating the rest of your space. Aitoro can also help you select top-of-the-line refrigerators, ice makers, smokers, and even kegerators to really maximize the uses of your outdoor kitchen.
  2. Plan your layout.Designing where everything will go in an outdoor space is vital, especially because there are no walls to help define areas. Decide how you’ll want your space to function- including hot and cold zones for your appliances and how much prep space you need. L-shapes are popular because they provide plenty of space as well as a sense of natural room division.
  3. Make it a true living space.Work with the mindset that this is an extension of your home- so make it comfortable and inviting. Incorporate shade with trees, awnings, or pergolas, and prepare for cooler temperatures with a fire pit or sleek outdoor heater.
  4. Be smart with materials.Because you’re creating an outdoor space, you’ll need to make sure your materials can withstand the elements and be easy to care for. For appliances, countertops,  and fixtures, consider stainless steel, which is durable, low-maintenance, and sleek-looking. Tile is also a great option for warmer-looking countertops that require little care. Furniture and accessories should also be fairly tough- choose water and fade-resistant fabrics and furniture with heavy bases that won’t be easily knocked over.
  5. Create ambiance.Use lighting to your advantage- you can create warm, inviting spaces even without walls or ceilings using effective lighting options. Try stringing strand lights around a pergola or umbrella, or staking citronella tiki torches around the borders of your space to provide light and keep bugs away. Solar-powered lights are a great energy-efficient option.
  6. Have a little fun.Adding unexpected touches like swings at the bar, retractable windows, or a statement adobe pizza oven brings whimsy and interest to your outdoor space. After all, this is an area for entertainment, so why not go all out?

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