We’re excited to announce the Slide-Top Beverage Refrigerator by True Residential, a luxury home refrigeration brand with commercial DNA. Long since a staple in the world’s most popular bars and restaurants, homeowners are now able to enjoy an easy-access, icy-cold beverage storage solution at home. The chillest staple to enjoy now and all seasons, indoors and out!

True Residential Director of Sales and Marketing, Steve Proctor, says, “With many of us spending more hours at home than ever before, we are noticing an increased demand for convenient, hospitality-like amenities. Our Slide-Top Beverage Refrigerators offer a new in-home option for point-of-use (and perfectly chilled) beverages in indoor or outdoor kitchens, decks, garages, and any entertainment space. While 2020 has seen a variety of new introductions, including our vibrant new Saffron finish, our focus remains on providing solutions-based products that offer designers and homeowners the greatest design and style flexibility possible.”

The new Slide-Top Beverage Refrigerators come in 24” and 36” sizes, with each respectively accommodating 108 12 oz. bottles or 144 12 oz. cans and 264 12 oz. bottles or 348 12 oz. cans. Adjustable bin dividers add storage flexibility for cans, bottles, wine, and sparkling beverages. A heavy-duty steel interior provides long-term durability while LED lighting beautifully illuminates the interiors. As an added benefit (i.e., no more lugging coolers around), the Slide-Top Beverage Refrigerators are available with casters, allowing for freestanding applications and effortless mobility. The units are currently available in Black or Stainless exteriors with soon-to-come custom colors to launch including Saffron, Cobalt, Retro Red, and Matte White. For ease of use, a bottle opener and cap catcher can be installed on the refrigerator or provided for installation on surrounding cabinetry or materials and locks are standard on all models.