It’s no secret that the trend of open living spaces has been on an adrenalized uptick in recent years. All you have to do is turn on one of the many home renovation shows to see people knocking down walls, blowing out doorways, and arguing with spouses about how to seamlessly blend room styles.

We can point to many different reasons as the motivators behind this movement, but here are just a few thoughts:

  • Lifestyle:The lifestyle of a typical American family has shifted over time to become more casual, removing the need for formal dining areas (and, in some cases, a formal living room that Mom refuses to let anyone enter).
  • Technology:The employment of technology in nearly every aspect of life makes us feel the need to have it easily accessible at all times. We want to have the option for a family member to watch Netflix on a TV while another cooks dinner and another works on a laptop or scrolls through Instagram on a smartphone. Being able to speak to—and actually see—one another as we engage in different activities makes us feel more humanly connected in an increasingly digital world.
  • Design:Each person has different taste, and we may not all agree on certain materials, color palettes, or styles of furniture. However, it’s become almost universal for homeowners to seek brighter, airier spaces to use as blank canvases to display personal style. Open spaces allow us more opportunities to be creative, and they are good solutions for smaller living areas such as apartments and townhouses.

As partitions are being eliminated, it only makes sense that additional home renovations need to take place to make use of the new-fangled space—enter the kitchen remodel project.

A new layout will most likely require new cabinetry, countertops, and finishes. It may also require new appliances.

According to the 2018 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, nine in 10 homeowners replace all or some appliances during kitchen renovations—a whopping 90%—mostly in an effort to modernize the room’s digital capabilities.

Though requests for kitchen-specific TVs are on a decline (remember, with an open concept there is likely a television across the room, plus mobile ones by means of smartphones and tablets), having a “smart” kitchen is all the rage. The newest, most technologically advanced products are taking precedence. Touch-screen controls, built-in speakers, and wireless or voice-controlled appliances have quickly become in high demand.

Popular brands are catering to these needs, with many releasing full suites of digitally advanced appliances. High-end names like Monogram are making it easy for consumers to take advantage of a one-stop shop for smart home appliances. By integrating convenient tech features and sleek designs, Monogram is leading the way in helping to make kitchens more entertainment-friendly for today’s busy consumers.

With beautifully designed pieces, voice command technology, convenient control apps, and even quick-heating pizza ovens, brands are continually working to develop new lines of products to meet the needs—and dreams—of the modern family.

We can’t help but wonder: What will they think of next?

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